Project Description
A responsive version of the Orchard CMS "Theme Machine" which is commonly used as a starting point for building custom themes. Supports many resolutions.

The Theme Machine for Orchard CMS provides an excellent starting point for creating any custom theme in the platform. However, it is not designed to be responsive- the styles and layout do not adapt to the screen resolution and device on which it is being viewed.

This theme, The Theme Machine Responsive, is the Theme Machine but with additional CSS and JavaScript added to support the creation of responsive website themes on the Orchard CMS platform.

The environments this theme is designed to support include:
  • Base (All devices)
  • Mobile devices (iPhone, Android phones)
    • Portrait view (320px screen width)
    • Landscape view (480px screen width)
  • Small tablets like Kindle Fire, Nook, etc. (600px screen width)
  • Large Tablet devices in portrait like iPad, Android tablets (768px screen width)
  • Large Tablets in Landscape/Laptop computers (1004px screen width)
  • Desktop computers (1280px screen width)
  • Widescreens (1400px screen width)

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